Forest School

Forest School

Adventure 7 offers bespoke Forest School programmes to schools and nurseries. We can come to your setting and provide a one-off specialist session or a full programme lasting 6 weeks to 1 year. We also have access to a range of Forest school sites throughout the region and would welcome you to join us.


Adventure 7 has experience delivering Forest School in Nursery, Primary, Secondary and SEN settings. We have considerable expertise in getting young people to engage with education through the medium of outdoor play.


What makes Forest School different?

1)Run by staff qualified in Forest School – Matt Mandrell is a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner, with activities insurance.

2)Learning is play-based & child-led – by using outside provision to lead Forest School there is a clear distinction for the child and they are free to explore on their own terms.

3)Takes place every week – in order to get the most benefit the child needs to take part in a course lasting no less than 6-weeks.

4)Outside of normal school setting- a designated Forest School area should be used, whether this be on school grounds or off-site.

5)Children are allowed to take “controlled” risks- Forest School uses robust risk-benefit assessments to encourage challenge and excitement.

6)There is no such thing as bad weather- only the wrong clothes!

7)The blocks of sessions have beginnings and ends- see format below.


What format do the sessions take?

1)Circle time- introduction and review of previous session.

2)Energiser- fun and engaging game, used to reinforce rules/boundaries.

3)Main activity.

4)Game- preferably chosen by children.

5)Circle time- review.

Sessions might last between a half day and a whole day.


Typical sessions might include;


Roped activities (low level traverse, obstacle course, rope swing, hammocks),

Climbing/balancing (tree climbing, log balance, slack line, climbing frame, see saw)

Foraging (woodland walk, collecting natural materials)

Fire (lighting and cooking on fires)

Tool use (loppers, knife, hand saw, hand drill, axe, billhook – closely supervised and for specific tasks only)

Exploration (blindfold games, digging, treasure hunt, bug hunting, hide and seek, den building)


Afterschool clubs


Adventure 7 can come to your setting and priovide a Forest School-inspired afterschool club "Forest Club". These are not be called "Forest School" as the sessions aren't long enough, but that doesnt mean that we can't get lots done. Forest School activities (listed above) are on offer, and the children are allowed time to follow their interests and build their skills over a number of weeks.


Please get in touch for more information.




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